Sunday, 24 August 2014

Toast From Scratch

While buttering a piece of toast the other morning, Dan said, 'I know what should be next on our blog. Let's make Toast From Scratch!'

So here we are, with a series of instructive, if unconventional, films from Dan about how to do just that. As you'll see, there are rather a lot of these films. All very short. That's because I'm a techno-noob and can't work out how to upload anything of a proper length without it taking DAYS. Or maybe it's Blogger, not me. Of course, uploading so many films took days anyway. Ho hum. And don't tell me there's a ton of YouTube guides. Life's too short. Anyhow, done now. Please enjoy the company of the marvellous D.

1 Hello

2 Ingredients

3 Butter...

4 ...darned butter!

5 Add rest of ingredients to 500g strong white bread flour

6 Get stuck in

7 'It feels gooey'

8 Kneading styles

9 Kneading at its most restrained

10 Tamed dough goes sunbathing

11 Dough needs less air. Doof! 

12 Shape it, dump it in the tin

13 Slasher!!

14 Bake it

15 Admire your handiwork

16 Toast that baby

17 A lesson in the meaning of Marmite, almost 
(we didn't get around to saying that it's a cooking pot)

18 And, finally, eating the TFS - gets a DOUBLE YUM
(2nd part of previous video, which got waayyy too long as Dan spread more and more and more and more Marmite)