Monday, 9 June 2014

In your face! bread

Is the bread shouting? Or laughing? Either way, it's all Dan's work.

Dan made it at school last week. Just an ordinary white bread dough, which all the children in the school's cookery club made - but instead of making rolls or a loaf, Dan decided to turn it into a face. Genius. He told me that, once the dough had risen, he knocked it back then stretched it quite flat and made huge holes for the eyes and mouth because he knew they would spread together while proving. Love the added nose, too. We're going to try and make a cheesy one at home soon and see if we can get it to make an appropriate grin.
Dan's Thumbometer - Double yum

A little while later...
For Father's Day, we made this one, complete with beard and moustache - a replica of Dan's Dad.

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  1. This is brilliant - a new take on Fougasse bread! ;-) Great to see Dan and you posting again - I also liked the look of your bacon & egg rolls VERY MUCH!