Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bacon and egg breakfast rolls

Mmmmmm, oooozing
After many months with the tumbleweed blowing unhindered across the Factory's ideas room (i.e. Dan's baking brain), Dan sat up straight on the bus to school one day last week and said, 'What about bacon? We should do bacon rolls. In the Bread Factory.' I suspected The Idea was inspired by Eddie's near-daily comment at the dinner table right now, that 'everything is better with bacon', and Dan has just said that I'm right. Certainly sounded like a good idea. Then I said, 'Ooo! How about bacon and egg rolls?' Dan was up for it, and so we were off.

To begin with, we thought about including the egg as part of an enriched bread dough, but that was far too boring for an Invention. So instead we decided to make bacon rolls, following Dan's original suggestion, and then to add cooked eggs to them. Here's how we did it. A catalogue of wrong decisions, as you will see, that somehow turned out quite well.

Special ingredients
12 rashers streaky bacon (I should have used 8 to 10 rashers of back)
1 egg per roll

Roll with carved dip
We made a white bread dough using 500g of flour and left it to prove for an hour - at which point we should have prepared the bacon. But I got distracted. So, one hour later, with only a fixed window of time in which to get the rolls made (because they were our lunch and it was already well past midday), I did some helpful shrieking about how I should have cooked the bacon earlier, then Dan and I cut it up small and fried it.

It was when the meat was cooked well enough that I realised we should have used lean back bacon - because when the meat was tender, the fat was still a bit floppy which would have been soooo nasty in a cold roll. So we ended up making the bacon proper crisp. Next time, we'll use back bacon and leave it more tender.

Raw eggs in the rolls
While Dan knocked back the risen dough and kneaded it a little, I put the cooked bacon in the freezer to cool it down FAST. (This step will obviously be unnecessary when you make the rolls, as you will cook the bacon while the dough is rising rather than waiting until almost too late. Shrieking will also be unnecessary.) We then kneaded it fully into the dough, divided it into seven equal portions - we wanted the rolls to be big enough to take on an egg - rolled them into balls, laid them out on an oiled baking sheet and put the sheet into a plastic bag to rise for 30 minutes.

The rolls spread more than usual during proving (I guess due to the extra oil that was added along with the bacon), but we went ahead anyway, dusting them with a little flour before putting them in the oven and baking for 25 minutes at 200C.

When the rolls were done, I gave them a few minutes to cool off (remember, it's heading towards 2pm by this time and still nobody has eaten), then carved a dip in four of them. I cracked an egg into two of the dips and put those two rolls back in the oven to bake for 6 minutes. Meanwhile, we scrambled another two eggs (I am not providing the recipe for that) and piled them into the other two prepared rolls. Et voila. Very late lunch!
Dan's Thumbometer - double yum

Yes, I know it all sounds a bit fiddly but, to be honest, that's down to me doing things in the wrong order; it was actually pretty straightforward. And the rolls were great. Rose just fine in the oven, and had a soft, fluffy crumb. Crispy bacon was tasty. Adding the eggs made a lovely brunchy thing, and if the rolls were made the day before it'd be quick to do. We can't claim the idea for baking eggs in bread rolls - it's all over the online recipe sites. But we can claim baking eggs in bacon rolls - which were really tasty all by themselves, by the way, going some way to proving Eddie's maxim that 'everything is better with bacon'.


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