Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chocolate Milkshake Loaf

Dan came up with this idea some time ago, but as chocolate milkshake is one of his favourite drinks to have on a hot day, he said that it should be an invention for summer and wanted us to wait until the weather warmed up. So we waited, and we waited. Waited. And waited ... And then we just went and made the blooming thing on one of the many nasty dull days that came along during half term.

Now, my dear husband Jay has just written a column for The Observer about how the best food comes about through invention and how, to be inventive, you have to be prepared for the outcome to be disgusting. He wanted us to use that word, 'disgusting', on our blog, so that his newspaper could link to it as an illustration for his column. Which I object to, because Dan and I are in the business always of inventing the delightful (though I admit I had my suspicions over the Laughing Cow and pecan bread).

And the milkshake bread was never going to be a disaster. After all, nothing in life can go wrong when you have chocolate. Mind you, I never cease to be surprised at what happens when you add liquid to bread.

I used a milk loaf recipe to make the bread, of course, adding the right amount of a quite strong chocolate milkshake instead of just plain milk and leaving out the sugar that most recipes include (because there is already sugar in the milkshake mix). I used my usual method, as for the Basic white bread.

Dan's Thumbometer - Double yum
500g strong white bread flour
30g butter, softened
10g salt
10g fast-action yeast
300ml warm chocolate milkshake, made using supermarket powder

OK, when I say that I never cease to be surprised by how a bread turns out, I don't on this occasion mean that I have been bowled over by a taste innovation. What surprises me is how specific added flavours so often just disappear. It happens with beer bread; you add a whole load of tasty frothy bitter and the only discernible difference from a bread made with water is a little more of a yeasty flavour. And it happened with the chocolate bit of the milkshake in this bread. Gone. Disappeared. But we did produce a lovely milk loaf with a good-looking dark crumb. Dan, of course, was very happy. The boy still hasn't met a bread he didn't like.


  1. :O OMG, Dan! :) Your blog is AMAZING! A friend sent me the link through Facebook because she thought I'd like it & she's right! I've been meaning to try my hand at breadmaking for aaaages now, but have been a bit intimidated! I love all the unique flavor combinations you have, especially that gooey laughing cow! Although, I think I agree with you: stilton all the way! :) I blog over on Anyonita Nibbles and I run weekly link parties where you can share your amazing recipes with other food bloggers and drive traffic to your blog! I don't know if you participate in link parties or not, but I'd like to invite you to come join us:

  2. Wow, that's one busy blog you have there! We'll have a look at the week-end and see if we can participate in what you're doing. Not very savvy about this stuff, but we'll have a go. So glad you like our blog. We're enjoying it.

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