Friday, 5 April 2013

Soupy Loaf (Green Bread Revisited)

Since Dan was very little, I've made him a soup from vegetables that would otherwise be good for nothing but composting. At the start, it was just the best way to get vegetables into him but, even as an accomplished and diverse eater of all things good, he still relishes it. The soup almost always has leeks, potatoes and lettuce (the last for its sweetness), but can include literally any vegetable. It always turns out some shade of green and so, due to the unpredictability of the ingredients, has come to be known by us as Indeterminate Green Soup. It is loved by Dan and me, loathed by Dan's big brother and his dad. Hah! What do they know?
Dry ingredients with the soup added

The soup recipe is at the end of this post.

I wasn't quite sure how to rise to this challenge from Dan. The potato bread for the Cottage Pie Buns uses cooked potatoes as a combined replacement for both some of the flour and some of the water in a standard bread recipe. But as my soup is purely liquid I decided simply to use it as a replacement for water. I thought it would be better for the bread to have a bit more 'bite' and so chose a wholemeal bread as the medium for this invention, adding 320ml (or thereabouts) of soup rather than water to make the dough.

Dan's Thumbometer - double yum
Well, as you can see, Dan was happy with it - though I'm not so sure. It certainly had something of the taste of vegetable soup, which was satisfying. I wonder if it might be another way of encouraging children who resist vegetables to eat them. However, rather like the vanilla bread, I found the loaf a bit puddingy, at its best when warm and not really good the next day (though Dan still enjoyed it). I'd like to see if I can work out how to make it soft and pillowy rather than stodgy, and will report on any progress.

Indeterminate Green Soup
(As I said, any veg will do but here is the list of those that I used in the soup for this loaf)

3 leeks
2 potatoes
several leaves Romaine lettuce
sad looking bunch of coriander
sad looking bunch of parsley
3 carrots
some broccoli
end of a cauliflower
vegetable stock

Roughly chop the vegetables and put them in a saucepan of your choice, which should be 2/3 to 3/4 full once all the veg are in. Add enough vegetable stock to just cover the vegetables. Bring to the boil and simmer until all the veg are soft. Blitz in a blender, pass through a sieve - and that's it.

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