Sunday, 10 March 2013

Milky tea bread

Dan's Thumbometer - Yum
And now for a less complicated invention, this time based on one of Dan's favourite drinks: a nice cup of tea. This is proper tea made by the English, you understand. None of your bergamot-infused-nice-with-a-slice-namby-pamby tea. This is tea made strong and milky, tea the colour of fudge, tea how builders like it. (Though without the four spoonfuls of sugar, thanks.) Here's a film featuring a jugful of the stuff.

No need to post a method this week - just follow the basic white bread recipe, replacing the water with milky tea made how you like it. That's all we did.

Crumb is the colour of light caramel
Dan wanted to give the bread a double-yum thumbometer rating, but I'd told him that he could only do that if he could actually taste tea in the bread. He admitted that he couldn't, really. The bread is basically like a normal white loaf, with perhaps the tiniest suggestion of something else, the smallest of after-tastes that hints at tea. But maybe I only found that because I was looking for the flavour. This is an interesting result that I've come across before when using something other than water to hydrate a dough, notably when using beer. An ale bread does taste yeasty, but that is pretty much all the difference the beer brings in flavour. Anyhow, we may make a Milky tea bread every so often, but more for the fun of it than for any other reason.

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