Sunday, 6 January 2013

Green bread

Green is Dan's favourite colour. Hence his request for green bread in the first place - and also the choice of display colour for this blog.

Special ingredient
Green food colouring, lots

We made a basic white bread dough using water that included quite a lot of food colouring. We added only enough water to leave some dry ingredients at the bottom of the bowl so we could carry on adding colouring to the dough until we thought we had enough to give the final bread a good green colour.

Dan's Thumbometer - Yum

The colouring we used was a sage colour, which made a bread that looked almost exactly like it was mouldy the whole way through - which is a shame because it tasted great. Next time we'll use a brighter, crazier green, so it looks properly jokey rather than suspect.


  1. next time, if you can find some, try a gel food coloring (instead of liquid) - you get more brilliant colors. at least it's true with cake :)

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I want to make a red bread soon and will try a gel - or maybe beetroot juice. It's for a joke, so the beet might work well.